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Lyrics Big Zuu, Dave - Xenophobia

Beam me up Scotty
They don't really want us here
They don’t really want us here
But we're the dons, it's clear
Don’t wanna see we out, but we belong in here
Who makes the best songs in here?
And flip music in the charts?
If you don't like it, it's long this year

Uh, uh, certain things are getting worse than I thought, man
Cah' people leave their country that seen war
Come here, but still, they deport, man
It's all mad, 'cause the colour don't sort, man
If we need money, you know that they'll report, man
But what they don’t know is that
One salary from here, back home, could feed like four, man
Don’t really want more, man
Why you think they restricting the borders?
But still they wanna keep everything like hoarders
Who's building your buildings?
Who’s delivering your orders?
People from across the waters
What about the kilos importers?
They've all got sons and daughters

Brothers coming like: "If you ain't British, then your life ain't counting"
Don’t want us on top, Full Monty
We come from key taps and fountains
We come from no hope and doubting
'Til the UK gives us a better path
But they don't want us rerouting
This ain't no United Kingdom

They want us at the bottom of the mountain
That's why they keep the white on top
They really want man to die on blocks
Gave us drugs and guns, so we hide from cops
Uh, yeah, it's all the plan and don't deny the plot
That's why you get more time for pot
Than a ***** there with a high-class job
Nah, they don't want others in the country
Selfish, they don't wanna sell a luxury
That's an old mind state, just poking and rusty
Why you think the guy in the van
Who ran man down on the mosque street
Will never be considered as a terrorist?
'Cause it's not about your actions, it's more about your heritage

Nah, don't really want us here
Nah, don't really want us here
But we're the dons, it's clear
Don't wanna see we out, but we belong in here
Who makes the best songs in here?
And flip music in the charts?
If you don't like it, it's long this year

Cah' the influence from other countries is bait
From the clothes that you wear to the food on your plates
So what's the whole point in the hate?
Britain's first ideal
UKIP bodies people's brains
And they're saying *****
Bare rage
And they don't wanna live in a different age