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Lirik Bossman Jd - Soul

I want it all, I took an L, I got it back
No I don't bang, just not with the phone, my niggas say slatt
This ain't no Apple, ain't talkin' computers, but I got a MAC
He bitin' my swag, this nigga my son, guess I am your dad
She stackin' the figures up, William and Jaden, we stackin' my bag
Where was you was at, was fucked up all day, stuck in the trap
Was stuck in the cell and they gave the mirror, thought you had my back
I'm from the bottom, I cuffed me a bitch, I'm over them tracks
Whippin' up dope, now I'm in the stu, and I'm droppin' tracks
I took her to whiskey, I popped me a jigga and we had a blast
That money come first, I never put nothin' over my cash
Double cup dirty, she wanted a xan but I gave her half

I bought me an Audi, I bought me a 'Mero, just to go fast
Runnin' from trouble, I lost control, my vehicle was crashed
That's a new pad, my future so bright, and that's a big fact
She fuckin' with me, she fuckin' with you, yeah she a lil nat
Ice on my neck, ice on my wrist, cold as a glacier
We got them thirties, we got them fifties, you got a taser
You chasin' hoes, I'm on the road, I'm chasin' paper
You get some money, you do your thing, you get some haters
Can't fuck with these rappers, mad when a nigga active
Plug just upped the package, side bitch got attachments
Love smoking on cabbage, love clutching this ratchet
Big stones click karats, VVS click karats

Triple be the gang gang, that my dawg for sure
You brought them guns for nothin', might just be for show
I do a show, I get my bag, bitches chase me out the door
Long as swag be around we never runnin' out of coke
And she gon' be addicted if I give her a lil dose
Only thing that really changed, I'm just livin' how I want
And with her it's with a lung problem, we want all the smoke
And my Haitians get a load, gettin' that load from by the coast
I came a long way, yeah I'll never see a roach

Used to play ball as a jit, now I'm richer than my coach
And my grandma say I'm crazy, pay four thousand for a coat
And I'm really drippin' flavor, all these thousands just in close
And I had a good heart, but these streets done turned me cold
And these people think they know me, bet they know what's goin' on
And that all white be the good one, that we doggin' what she wrote
I turned Meech into a savage, no more crabs all on my phone

I know you did wrong
I'm feeling for you, remind me make a song
I know you felt that in your soul
Everything that shine ain't gold
I want to do the same with your goals
How the fuck you run down that road
Rode this beat, wrote this song
I just want to skeet and I'm gone