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Lirik Don Trip - Doernbecher Freestyle

Yeah, yeah
Shout out to [?]
Yeah, yeah

I'm just a gorilla, I adapt to any habitat
I'm so fucking high, y'all look like ants from where I'm standin' at
Oh, the feeling's nice, everybody's got advice
Mine's: money, pussy, money, I know I put "money" twice
I look halfway through this bitch if I see somethin' that I like
Shawty, I can see the future, we'll be fuckin' by tonight
You gon' let me kill that pussy 'til I bring you back to life
I'm like bih don't die wit' me, no, don't go toward the light
Time is money, I don't got a millisecond for a hoe
Steve Jobs in his job, my relationship gold

I'm at home or on the road, bring my babies to the yo'
I'm not kiddin', I think this my millionth time watchin' Trolls
And these bitches lookin' more and more like Poppy as we go
I just copped two extra phones, think I got too many hoes
Valentine's around the corner, that's when bitches get annoying
I spend mine with all my daughters, that's Jakaya, Jurnee, Zoë
Gettin' rich, with my friends like Chandler, Ross, and Joey
Hope my girls look up to anyone, but Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé
That's offensive and I know it, but I do not give a shit
I'm so unapologetic, what I said is what I meant
You the type to talk in circles and hope people get the hint
I say what the fuck I want and give no fuck who I offend
I got red dots on my Carbons and Bluetips in my FN's
I got too much hustle in me, I don't have to scam a skimp
I will never ask for favors, got my own, you silly bih
Say, my driveway big enough, I could do donuts in that bih
You know I'm the shit, you do know I'm the shit?
You gon' need a bunch of Air Wicks for you to fight the stench
I'm in love with my masseuse, she like damn, "your shoulder's tense"
I say, I been liftin' weight, I been body slammin' bricks, really, I'm just talkin' shit

I don't tuck no drugs
He say he the plug
Bet that nigga bugged
Bet that nigga wired like a 1,000-Watt bulb
Niggas out here giving statements and y'all show them niggas love
Found out homie broke the code, broke my fuckin' heart (broke my motherfuckin' heart)
Shoutout Juicy J, I swear you saved a nigga's life
Nigga dug me out the grave, I was too fucked up to fight
I was on my way to MIA, that bullshit hurt my pride
They was playin' with my money, I was gonna burn them niggas down
Headed out to Lake Oasis, I was gon' murder 'Kool and 'Dre
I guess Juicy caught my vibe, he saw something in my face
He said, "don't know what's going on, but I'll show you a better way"
I got rich with Juicy J and that's a debt I can't repay
I don't know where I was headed, I know I wasn't thinkin' straight
'Cause I couldn't feed my babies and they think this shit a game
I was never after fame, I'm just tryna make it out
Came a long way from sneakin' product out my Mama's house
Came a long way from weighin' up with Hayman Scales
Turned my bedroom to the booth and felt something "upped" the sales
Spent my whole life tryna get it and not leave a paper trail
Was it worth it in the end? I think only time will tell

Was it?
I think only time will—
Spent my whole life not to leave a paper trail
Was it worth it in the end? I think only time will tell