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Lyrics Fredo - Never

My nigga picture it
My whole wrist is lit
Used to take them pissy lifts
Was sleeping in my niggas crib
Still putting packs up in the microwaves
Customising diamond chains
Man we was lost and had to find a way
Smoking on gelato, these Louboutin's got the sparkle
I started with a half O with the dreams to be a narco
Still, I can't wife a chick, married to my Lyca chip
Sold a Z while writing this, my youngers shoot while cycling

I'm stuck up in this city full of flashy lights
I keep it humble cos I never really had a life
Now my shoes, top and jeans cost a pack of white
Still I trap at night, when will I be satisfied?
Guess it's just a trappers life
Cooking up them nina's, Z's get sacrificed
And if my brother's patronised, somebody's getting Channel 5'd
Look I've got two scales I'm balancing
Two scales I'm patterning
As for this rappin' ting, it's sorta just happenin'
Should I hit the booth or go and whip the twos?
Got mad love for them little yutes that's hitting shoots, I did it too

He's getting smoked if we're in the mood
Little brother can't get to the hand ting told him bring the broom
But I ain't rapping 'bout no dip dips and four doors
Just touched up on four raw and now I got four more
Johnny's got six-o looking for four-scores
Told him just link little bro by the fourth floor
Man I just beat the case
So can somebody tell Latesha-Grace
That Fredo's tryna giver her D for days
I'm smoking weed and eating steak
Thinking that I need a break

But I won't stop 'til all my G's are straight
Sitting down with Dotz chatting to him in the cemetery
Telling him that now I rap everyone remembers me
Miss the days when it was 'bout the fun and it was never P's
I know you're smiling down when I spend five bills on a Fendi tee
But maybe heaven is the place that Fredo's meant to be
Cos down here on earth it ain't nuttin but fakes and jealousy
Still I'm loyal to the rules that's something you will never be
You want the fame so much so it's something you will never see
She's clubbing every week, that's suttin' I will never breed
My own friends stole my gun, that something I will never leave
Now he's round with pagans and that's fucking with me mentally
But I'm an Ace of Spades and them niggas come like Cherry B
That pussy stabbed me in my back and it was very deep
Then I got locked for a shooting, three stabbings and a hella tee
But I'ma let it be

Cos if my lawyer hears this rap due to wanna lecture me
About why the feds are vexed with me
Workers said Nick robbed him for some B
So I told him for a couple weeks you're shotting it for free
Same time I had his big sister dropping to her knees
She bust it open quick cos I'm popping in the street