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Lyrics G Herbo - Hood Legends

Smoking Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone
Bone Bone Bone Bone
Haha, I'm tweaking right now
I'm smoking backwood, man (yeah)

Murder one, first degree
We had a run in the streets
All my niggas resting in peace
Fuck that, they living through me
We don't tell them Rip
Hood legends
That's all we aspired to be
I'm 22, know too many niggas on obituaries
I was 18 with a Glock 30 on me at the cemetery
Niggas catching bodies
Doing that gangsta shit we ain't grow up scary
I fell in love with guns in '06 me and my nigga Terry
But when my homies died, I just cried
His momma wanna trust the justice system, we gon slide
We don't give a fuck 'bout no justice system, we gon slide

Cap know it's one up all the time
Told him call me when you outside
On 89th where I reside at
I'm so Terror Town, it was low-key
Everybody else thought I was hiding
I ain't get to moms to the burbs yet
I'm still pouring pints, popping Percocets
I don't tote the gat and get nervous
Nah I'ma kill you on purpose
This one of my realest verses
I can still get indicted, I merched that
Nigga said he killing me where the hearse at?

Shit, you must of rehearsed that
Yeah I gotta get home
Got a son on the way
I ain't even heard the lil nigga curse yet
Fuckin' up that sack
Gave my bitch 10k, other day
All she brought was a purse back
Right now I'm telling you, big brody
Meet me at the crossroads

Wish I had more time with my homie
But I ain't know what you was on when you got home
And I'ma talk to Wet, because I'm off the dodie
Lost Pee-Wee just for that, I'm forever gon tote me a.40
When you see me just for that
No I ain't no talking, like Fazo I'm on it
Speak your mind and get respect
Nigga that's me and I gotta free Kobe
Lil Roc was wild as hell
Could never stay out of jail, died in the field

He was just blowin' L's
Vito got hit on the 8
Foe nem said he was gone off the pills
Lil Gage my shorty for real, out there 10 and 12
Niggas ain't got nothing to say bout 'em
Lil Krueger and nem ain't gon play bout 'em
Got Boosie tatted on me, that's lil bro
We a hit your block up, let it spray bout 'em

I lost too many niggas to this shit
Chico, C-Mo, White Folks
Damn, Boss Blizz
My homie Tracy
Damn, Richie Rich
I'm trying to get rich as shit
All I do is reminisce
I got the FN dolo
Long Live Solo

And my nigga Demarcus
Trapping, fiending, see this regardless
How the hell he end up the target
Man, these streets be heartless
Or I'm getting high, pull over park it
Yeah, before
Me and Guap was just smoking dope for hours
Talking bout G Corn
Heart big as uh mine, this nigga was 4 feet tall
And this shit straight from my heart, I'm sharing it with y'all
You ain't gotta catch odd feelings with me
Keep me in your prayers and call
Real life too short

Can't die with this shit so I gotta be there for my dawgs
If or when I get in my feelings
I know I still gotta be there for my dawgs
You know I'm always right there for the family
Just make sure y'all still do this shit after me
And I know I'm the one making it happen and all
But I still need someone to look after me
Keep it close I seen too many tragedies
Told my niggas live for me, don't die for me
I already know you gon ride for me
Now run that bag up to the sky for me
Hood detectives and DA's trying to find clues like Daphne
So if us getting money, only thing they see getting money

Only thing that's happening
And they the only one's we laughing at
Had a full plate when I jumped in the streets
Young niggas, we ain't even ask for that
Only gotta do it once if you shooting me
Young niggas, we start blastin' back
I was 15 when I bought my first piece
Young nigga, I had cash for that
Over East that's just how we grew up like that
Make it as far as I did, now imagine that