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Lyrics Christian Papa San - More Life

So many done me wrong
Still you keep me strong
My life just begun
It is more than a song
I was insecure
Couldn't take life no more
You were the open door
Give me the medicine for my soul

More life... that is allI want
More life... that is all I need
More life... now just believe and He will set you free
No more boogu yagga life

Good life mi want an mi tired a di hype
Still have di money but mi cyaa sleep a night
Tru mi need christ an mi well want di light an it blind out a sight
Naked an sick cyaa spend anoda day livin like dis
Ma sins are before mi like a ton a brick
Mi slide an mi slip it is a risk fi kick gainst di prick so mi affi mek a switch
(hear dis) long time di Fada a gi mi notice
Big man no hitch real man no resist
It is di Fada wish that none should perish take mi life an use it

MI have a sickness beyond limitation
No doctor can find di medication
From generation to generation
So mi need a spiritual operation
Mi have a soul desperate fi salvation
Mi need a heart and a blood tranfusion

(Something)heart a confusion
So mi see di man wa have di solution
Mi need your blood cause mi want your forgiveness
Mi need your strength cause mi waa loose di sickness
And be united fi move all di distress
More life mi want wid di spirit of fleminess