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Lyrics Mayhem Uptop - miccheck Freestyle

The feds had me locked on the wing, I was pissed just doing up telly
No arrest on the ward, just staying on the field tryna' ball like Messi
Stay scoring goals, they don't wanna see no messy
I'm live in the T, did it on my own like Headie
I've hopped in rides, chinged down yout's but nobody died
You do it for the Snap, I do it for the gang who don't bring their phones to the glide

Thirty bags deep in the trap, there was a minimum of five
I'm pissed that I got recalled, that shit did change my life
The mandem fucked to the plug, and the plug he don't wanna sign
He don't even want my cash, he don't even want my time
I'm sitting down pissed and mad, looking at God like why
Minor setbacks major comebacks, all in due time

They say that crime don't pay, I get bands from all these lines
I still got money from 015, my niggas in the bin done loads of time
All this talk 'bout guns, not one of my friends been fried
How many times have I got round here and the fuckboys ain't outside?
How can they say that I don't get round here?
Somebody's gonna get fried
My nigga RB with the muh-muh, and it comes like half this size
Come like Santa on reindeer, hella bells all up in the ride
Me, no, I could, never, switch, sides
For a second I just sound like AM, how many times in the AM?
In the PM with the AM

My intent was murder, but they got it down as an AM
I done it with Two in the Docks, how many man's been shot?
They say up-top don't bang, please, check the score are you lost?
How many man? Too many man's been shot
I've hopped out rides with a shank, hopped out rides with the dots
3-8 spins, 3-2 cop, two in the ride tryna' get me an opp
Twenty man tryin' runnin' the shop
I got stabbed one time, bleed stopped
I got nicked for a stabbing that day, what one of your friends got got?
Half of these breds who talk about beef are the ones that got sent to the shop
Everybody's bad, everybody's that cool, everyone's silly with guwop