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Lirik Nick Cannon, Conceited, Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla - Fuck Tha Police

Pockets full of cash flow
Probably why they mad though
We got a problem, Houston
Somebody get the Astros
Diamonds in the chain, you can see 'em in my shadow

They [?] Cuban, that's Fidel Castro
Bitches get it popping, once I pull up dropping
Not even an option, [?] I'm copping
See the ring, I'm getting the box like Hopkins
Pass them off when I get 'em alone like Stockton
Letting shots off once the MAC-11 snuck out
You be surrounded by your own blood like a cookout
If I pull out, there's gonna be a [?]
Put a couple in your frame, that's a prom picture
Keep on running out your mouth, I'm a brawl with ya'
This is [?], you talking to the wrong nigga
Got your girl with her ass sitting on her hand
Sorta like Comcast 'cause she on demand
You saw the watch with the diamonds sitting on the band
You see the kid in the guts, that's a sonogram
Call us and let it [?], we coming after you
Nwa, Ncredible with attitude

First off, I'm that dude, second
People tell me that I look like Cube
Well if I could have it my way
My niggas coming Straight Outta Compton and
You won't make it to see a Friday
Ha, don't make me have to get in a [?]
'Cause I'll pull up on yo block 'til you get in the back
It's crazy, I see food when I'm gripping the mac

I leave you [?] like a shrimp with some shit in your back
Nasty, 'cause the shrimp got shit in his back
I'm too with it with these words, tell these niggas relax
And we just dropped the mixtape, go and listen to that
And ain't nothing to go and hit my nigga Nick on a track
Ha, tryna steal my bars 'cause they Ncredible
You bite, went and lose your mind, it's like an edible
Ever since they killed Trayvon, I ain't got no sleep
Middle finger up to the cops, fuck the police
Oh, you thought I was out, nigga what's up
It ain't just the police, my nigga, fuck Donald Trump
I put the llama right in the back of his mouth
Keep squeezing 'til Obama get back in the house

Man, fuck the police, coming straight from the underground
Wait a minute, rest in peace Mike Brown
You want [?], ya'll lost some opps
From St. Louis, you know I don't fuck with the cops
And that, I never stop, you know what it is
I hate rats, I hate snakes, and I don't fuck with pigs
Fly shit, on the low, side chicks
Take a cop wife and handcuff her to my dick
Five percent of cops are good, yeah we know that
But the other 95 percent will get a Kodak
That's a Canon, reel 'em in like salmon
Fuck George Zimmerman too, god damn it
I kept him in Miami, do damage and then vanish
Clips, fuck trump, you like "I can't stand him"
Soon as we see him, Jackson, Janet
Equal rights, we ain't asking for, we demand it

Yo, I bet you ain't think I'd say this
Fuck the cops, I'm a cop the whip
And come through in a Ferrari on Miami Vice shit
Shoot up your precinct for the Tamir Rice kid
Real guns get you stuck up like they light-skinned
911 is a joke like [?] hype man
Flavor for these tasteless racist ass white men
I'm a say some shit, might get me indicted
But I'm a act like Trump and just say I ain't write it
Supremacy, you crackers can't hide it
And when I say crackers, I ain't talking 'bout ritz
The original crackers was the one with the whips
Plantation over sea is [?] with this
Officers and [?] give their permission for offing us
To facts, I'm talking to all of us
16-69, it's a casual killing act

You can shoot to kill as long as they running in black
Kind of remind me of the niggas on the field for real
Oh yeah, what we call 'em? Running backs
NFL, niggas Feliz, they running that
Nigga police please let's just run it back
Square up for a fair one, up that fucking gat
Without that fucking badge, [?] you how you kneeling
Like you Kaepernick, but it's time fuck your anthem
We singing this rapping shit, no more [?], that's Black Panther shit
Call me Huey Newton, Stokely Carmichael, and [?] is Goliath
My name is David and I'm slinging your bible
Black man is the [?], worshipping false idols
So fuck all cops and every group that looks like you
Even the boy scouts, they get taken out too
Like [?] them pedophiles and everyone they exclude
Nick Cannon, god damn, how can you be so rude
Ooh, maybe I should go harder for Eric Garner
Down for Mike Brown, now, ask Oscar Grant how that sound
Original man taking back our land for all our queens like Sandra Bland

Keep it real for Philando Castile
Keep it hot for the king, Walter Scott
Waking up early for Alton Sterling
And we down to break bottles full of chronic
Best stay out my way for my man Freddie Gray
Ay, yo Dre, I got something to say
We gotta let 'em know why we Nwa
Niggas with accomplishments and common sense
Got hooked to the consciousness
And [?] like common sense
We could be calm with sense
All we want is peace, but if your shit don't cease
I want everybody in this bitch to scream (fuck the police)