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Lirik Rascalz - Soul Obligation

From the back to the front
Left to the right
Hold tight
Misfit about to rock the mic

It's just a soul obligation
The punch of my lecture
Poetry is my occupation
Always eager
With foresight
Bring back minds that are astray
Rather than tackle attack lyrical
Now the crowd compliment my supplementary angle
Tangled up
Never ever above minds
Justice its always brought to my mic
If I was in the
I come full fledged never flimsy
With all the power I possess
There's no need for exponents
Move the earth with my rhyme
Better make it skirt you will be get
Permanently eclipsed from Mars
Super entity and that means destined to fall

From the from to the back
Left to the right
Hold tight Misfit done rockin' the mic
From the from to the back
Left to the right
Hold tight Red 1 about to rock the mic

This is my call of duty
Whack forces
Mainstream intervene by choices
Considered extreme
A right-wing organization
With cancer concentration
For the weak elimination
By the means of isolation
Admiral to this station
49th parallel
Recognized regiment
Known for rocking very well
To rebel
Hone in on your coordinates and bombard you with shells
I've unleashed
My firing squad never ceases
Call the priest
Head for the border
This is business not personal
I'm following my orders

From the front to the back
Left to the right
Hold tight Red-1 soon to rock the mic
Hold tight Misfit about to the mic

Misfit and the Rascalz
Even pascal can't figure it out
The only catalyst
Can't break down
Check between the two of us
To see the common denominator
Is that we are of the same entity
The rhyme lecture
Nothing to brag about being your rap creditor
S there's no forgiveness
A pack fo fresh ones
Whip up a free one
Misfit on top of all others
Twisting typhoon
It's here there's no fear
Check it out it's all lines on the delivery

Whether I enter
Depends on the selector
If it's Kemo we know the keynote will inject ya
Deadly venoms infect ya
The intellect'll wreck ya
I hope Buddaha bless ya cuz
No other can protect ya
When I impose and expose those
I look right through the eyes and see into the soul
With a blueprints unfolds
And I get a better hint
When it's told to the government
At the rebel's tent
Misfit's residence
We gather the Presidents
We're better known as the knights of the table
Engage in the pay
No longer stable
When the department of intelligence
Labeled you irrelevant
You're getting discharged and
That's why the Red-1 was sent

From the front to the back
Left to the right
Hold tight Rascalz rock the mic tonight
Hold tight Rascalz rock the mic tonight