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Lyrics Snap Dogg - Death Wish

Nigga no motherfuckin' body is safe nigga
Fuck all you niggas
Heard niggas want the beef, 'cause I done came up
Speakin' down on me, said I done changed up
I do not fuck with them niggas, them niggas want fame bruh
Police they tryna indict me, they want me in damn cuffs
Niggas can't fuck with me, not on my bad day
Niggas say he a threat, we catch him broad day
Slide with the minivans, shoot him down with the K
Now that boy on the news, somebody had to pay
Now I'm in LA, chillin' with Snoop

He told me keep snappin' on niggas, I got you nephew
These niggas they talk about me, when they see me they spooked
I see you in public, I'm shootin' at you and your crew
Now a nigga really got bands, oh
Blues all in my hands, oh
Bet a nigga play me, no way

How you steal from your mans, nigga you a snake
Tried to eat with you but you wanted my plate
Niggas envy me 'cause they wanted my place
Tried to Rico me, got me feelin' like Ace
Had to run my bands up so I could stash 'em in the safe
My city say I'm a menace, 'cause I fuck shit up
CB he wildin' with uzis, that nigga he nuts
I came in the game with love but I cannot trust
Got hurt, but on my own, so that shit crush
Before I did this track, called up my brother Durk
He told me you jump on this beat, you better just kill a verse
Bro you already know, you ain't gotta ask that
Nigga try to clap at me, best believe I'ma clap back
Nigga I be in the trap, always where the wolves at
Puttin' on for my city nigga, I'ma put us on the map
Nigga try to set a trap, fucked around and got whacked
I don't know about these other niggas but my niggas stay strapped, yeah