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Lyrics Trapboy Freddy - Goin Straight In

Memphis Track Boy, let's go
Tell me you came with a pot (pot)
He talkin' 'bout he want some drop (get in there)
Sorry lil' baby, you popped (you popped)
You got to get what I got (skrrt)
Mixin' the drank with the kushy (haha)
Your favorite rapper, he a pussy (hah)
I ain't no killer, don't push me (don't push me)
But I will come hide in your bushes
Trappin' and rappin' there
Sell me some work and go rap about it (rap about it)
I had no time for the cap and gown (nah)
I was somewhere tryna wrap a pound
I heard these lame niggas be trappin' now (what?)

Somebody tell me what is that about?
On the computer just talkin' reckless
Wait 'til my lil niggas finally catch him
Huh, I want his head, fuck his necklace
These niggas sweet, I'm diabetic
I'm 'bout my beef, fuck a veggie
I'm in the game like I'm reffin'
I'm just a weed-selling freshman
I'm 'bout my green, 'bout my lettuce
Wrap it up right like a present
Blow ninety-three, no unleaded
I know this might sound a lil petty
But I'll still sell you some reggie
Put that shit on Freddy nigga, nah foreal

Zay niggas be bullshittin' nigga
Niggas really be talkin' that shit nigga
You know what I'm sayin'
I'ma leave a stain on your brain, crack cocaine man
You know what I mean, like, hahaha
Nah look, I'm just a lil dope boy, you know
I-I make music for the trappers, you know what I'm sayin'
Shout out to the rappers but I don't really like rappers
You know, they be in they feelings but
Ayy free Finesse 2 Times by the way on this ho man
Free that boy, man watch out watch out

I'm ridin' the clutch the car (skrrt)
Lil Draw and then Duck in that other car
F&N right her up on the seat
Hundred grams stuffed in up in my briefs
Paid in full, bitch this that blow money
This that pull up and go score somethin'
I know you remember that stove jumpin'
Pull up and cop you a bow from me (hah)
I'm who they hatin' on
I got the work, I'm who they waitin' on
These niggas, they cake gone
I ran it up, now all they face long
Linked up with my step daddy (hey)
Got me a pack, bitch I went straight in (straight in)
You know I'm the truth nigga
Just like EJ at the Way Inn, hah

Give me a pack and I sell it, most of these niggas just jealous
Just put a dub in a necklace, if it fall off I'ma sell it
I can drop it or I can stretch it, really your preference
Syrup in my beverage, plugged in with the Mexicans
Beat the pack out like domestic
Playin' with the bands like molestors
A hundred bands stashed in the dresser
Twenty-five hundred for some pair of shoes
You not the boss, you the helper
Knock that boy off, I can't help him
These niggas salting like pepper
Send this bitch ass to the devil
Meek told you niggas it's levels

Man I got a nigga rockin'
I told in this bitch straight drop
Crack cocaine (no way, impossible)
I mean niggas gotta be high, you know what I'm sayin'
You hear that shit nigga, you high
Nigga this dope fiend music, nigga
Ayy man
Lil chains don't matter, you know what I'm sayin'
Ayy man, Freddy say he havin' man, what's poppin' nigga