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Lirik Young Smokes - Slidin Thru

Yeah they’re talking real
Them boys don’t know about real
They run and they squeal
Anytime I burst my steel
I ain’t took no deal
But it look like I signed me a deal

Now I’m slidin' thru
My neck and wrist on chill
I’m slidin' thru
Damn right I’m slidin' thru (I'm slidin' thru)
They lie to you
Them man won’t ride for you (They lie to you)
Anything I do, them boys are trying to (They trying to)
I’m slidin' thru, baby I’m slidin' thru (I’m slidin' thru)

I shoot guns broad day then go have a petrol bath laughing
Ha ha, ha
Now she wanna call me bae, she gotta be laughing
Ha ha, ha
I’m in a brand new coupé, anytime I’m slidin' thru
She asks me what I do, I said I play for Man U

Kilos and mashes, I still wear Rollies with trackies
You know me, my top's DSquared and my red bottom shoes, I got 3 pairs
Ha ha, ha
We roll with the diamonds and rubies
I still rock that in the Jacuzzi
My lifestyle's like a movie
This gun's by the Germans, the bag's by Gucci