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Lyrics Christian Amp - New Creation

Oh, I am a new creation
Given new life through salvation
Livin' in regeneration
And I shout to the nations (oh)

Yo, I'm feeling like a new man.
Given a purpose; now I got a new plan.

Done with the juvenile; Now I'm pruning out
all my childish ways, bye Peter Pan.
Homie, let me get my grown-man on

by putting on the garments of Christ!
Did you know a real man is the one who loves God,
not the person winning every single fight.

We're invited to a celebration, a banquet.
It's not the time for stoic, get sanguine.
Dance for the Lord, we got no shame.

We'll boogie to the rhythm and make a soul train.
Let's fill up the streets with our praise,
and get 'em thinking it's a Macy Day Parade!

Get up! Go ahead and get your groove on.
They say we're crazy; but we'll keep on rolling
like an oolong.
get up and run, yea we get up and go
got a new sound hear the heavenly flow (ho!)

Regenerated, deviated from a sinful life, alleviated
By Jesus Christ, recreated, new nature, my season
changes Desired sin, inebriated; now desire Him reinstated

To the family of God, feast is waiting, for His
children whose faith ceased to be shaken
A new man with new plans, given by the Father,

Ephesians 2:10 Living in the One who sits on the right
hand Clothed in the garments of the God/Man
Branching out from a new Vine, with a new life

Yielding fruit from the true Light, given new sight
Living proof of the true might driven through Christ
Regenerated, this generations taking the nations to
new heights

For the past and I are through
for You have set me free
From my flesh and now I'm grounded in Your truth

So Lord won't You heed my cry
leave my heart dissatisfied
with anything but You
with anything