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Lyrics Christian Dee1 - New Orleans Freestyle

Ain't no king of New Orleans Soulja Slim was the closest
We don't like to stick together it's just part of the culture
Preying on you like vultures, don't nobody root for ya
All these actors need eyes, cuz I don't mean De La Hoya

I went and got me a lawyer, my lawyer tried to 'bezzle me
You ain't part of this fam, you just a friend like [Wilona*]
See this some good times, good rhymes, dynamite
But don't confuse me with Curren$y, I be high on life

And yeah I do get that currency went from zero to a kilo
And I ain't talkin yayo, just ask about me they know
Man I came in this town, $100 to my name
Add three more zeros yeah I'm doing my thang

Let me shout out to the fame, shout out to Da U-Boys
8-9 boys and the goons what it do boy
Shout out everybody there's to many to name
I don't care about king of the city, trying to be king of the game

Raise your right hand up if you got love for your boy
Raise your left hand up if you got love for your god
Stand up if you got love for your dog and the [?]
Touchdown New Orleans I'm Drew Brees the greatest

I'm red hot like pepper boy, march players stepper boy
Vultures in the mind, Imma be rich forever boy
Never been shot this is true
Because I know when them bullets flew
That you better duck duck in the booth
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defeat Kansas City Chiefs to Win Super Bowl LV

East side man I got so many memories
They done arrested my whole development
Mr. Wendel, Tennessee, Chad, Lucious, Juju, Ron Lee
Ryan looking down from heaven throwing blessings on me
Man they rapping, they just be rapping, they just be rapping
So even if they snap it, so what they just be yapping

And man they hate to see us win, but we winning
And it's only the beginning, I'm out
D 1, Uno, 504 you know
[I'm on a mission lil daddy]