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Lyrics Christian Elizabeth South - Never Looking Back

Sometimes I look back and
Hold on to regrets
When all the signs say time to move on
Sometimes the steps I take
And all decisions I make
Unravel and just come undone

Sometimes the way I feel is
Stronger than what is real
And all I want to do is run
But I am not alone
And I will find my way home
Never gonna let my heart break
Open up a world that I make on my own

Gonna feel the wind in my face
Gonna start to live again
And I will be strong
I'm never looking back
Sometimes I look back at
Mistakes and I've lost track

And I don't know how to let go
Sometimes I can't hide
From all the doubting inside
I'm so afraid to let me show
The one I think I see

Is the one who has been set free
As time moves on
I'll live in the moment of this song
As the rain falls round
I'll let the walls come tumbling down
Fall down, Oh down