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Lyrics Christian Eshon Burgundy - Nothing Above You

I just want to say I love you
I'm living in the struggle
And I really want to hustle
But can't put nothing above you
Because you're up there, you're up there
You're up there, you're up there
You're up there, you're up there
And I be feeling like

I want to be on my own sometimes
I want to be in the wrong sometimes
I want to stay in my zone sometimes
But you will not leave me alone sometimes
Feel like I'm writing letters to myself
Each time be like a letter to myself
Reminded that I was blinded by no remorse
I threw shots

And He responded with a cross
Young sheep temporarily lost
Shepard keep me covered He would never cut me off
True talk that can never be false
New patterns like I'm covered in Lebanese cloth

And it's been conviction over addition
On top of that more faith over suspicion
More grace being poured over my snapback
I cannot deny God's love it's real that's that

I'm from a place where they ask you where the cash at?
Answer that wrong you might become a hashtag
Naturally I possess the same tendencies
So Lord keep me away from the wrong energy, please