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Lyrics Christian Playdough - No Angel

I am not an angel but I brought a couple with me
I can’t see them with my human eyes but let’s just put this simply
I see them in my darkness
Hear them when my heart hits
See them in my flaws
Hear them in my song
And they’ve been there all along
All along

Turn up the heat man I doubt the flame’ll
Burn the fourth one in the fire angel
Been rolling deep since the days of Daniel
Hearing God’s voice in a talking camel
Come off the head like Mr. Ed of course
The torch could be scorched on a flaming horse
It’ll blaze right paths on a narrow course
I know where mine’s at homey where is yours
Right there in the same dang place He left it
On ramp off ramp bust the exit
Now who got the audacity to test it?
The heavyweight uncontested
Then Jah blessed it turned junk around
The loudest noise still don’t make no sound
I roll real deep when I paint the town
Me and Gabriel we been down

Sometimes the loudest sound don’t make no noise
Packing out the house tonight I’m bringing my homeboys
Me and my homeboys we make some more noise
Me and my homeboys ain’t making no noise
Me and my homeboys we make some more noise
Sometimes the loudest sound don’t make no noise

1,2,3,4,5 you feel it
6 for the beast and the 7th seal it
About 10 different ways we can peel it
We waiting on God to heal it
Harvest the hardest to swallow and make your chest burn
My chariot will carry it I’m skipping death’s turn
My angel rein pull country western
To straighten out my right and left turn
Broke down John with a bomb and a Revelation
Some say post pre-tribulation
But either way humanity is facing
Hell of a confrontation
Placed in a home that ain’t home and I told em I know that
Sky like a scroll and behold it’ll roll back
Rock to the roll and the soul will throw back
Your vapor life you can’t hold that