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Lyrics Ard Adz - In Out

Wanna see me burn? Go and take your best shot
I been in and out of Hell, you've been on your Xbox
My brudda's hitting sales
He's been in and out of jail more than you've been on your desktop
They say I'm hard but they haven't heard 'The Best Of'
Catch me on my opp block chilling with my vest off
Trying to make more money, less loss
I can take my brudda's L, tell me what the debt costs

Gotta wipe your gun down with Domestos
Where I'm from if you run then we cut your legs off
No I don't wanna do features
Fans play my bit then they turn the rest off
Love my brother Ali
He was trying to find God even though his Rolex lost
I be chilling with my darg
We be breaking down the food for these cats like a pet shop
Bang a little J Hus
Stressed on a late night, I'm breaking down the ace buds
I've come a long way from "Dirty's gotta take bus"
Still nothing's changed, feds always trying to take us
I hope my son doesn't fall for no fake love
Cah nowadays everyting's fake cuz
Man just care about your car and your clothes and your guap and your watch

Like rah is that's dangerous
You little fake fucks
The real ones are dead or the feds have got them caged up
The roads are just fake
Couple real ones left, when I see them they get straight hugs
Touch mill's, that's a quick way to get your face buss
Still the same us, none of us have changed up
I see Mummy working two shifts
Daddy didn't do shit, I think that's when the pain struck

I'm okay but my brain's fucked
Yeah Dan just let this run my brudda
I'm gonna cut straight back in
Listen, yo

I'm okay but my brain's fucked
Brudda's talked greaze and in the flesh you see his chain tucked
Ain't no promising tomorrow
Every time I go Morocco I see my uncle in the same truck
I can tell you what the fame does
Nowadays man will diss the darg to make their name buzz
I've always had some strange luck
Death's round the corner likkle brother keep your [?] up
Bad bitch giving straight uck
I was mad broke in this bitch 'til I saved up
No one didn't save us
I was mad broke in this bitch 'til I saved -