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Lyrics Christian Papa san - One Blood

One blood, one blood, one blood.
It doesn't matter way yuh from
There's blood for everyone.
One blood, one blood, one blood.
Let the weak say I am strong stay both ah babylon.

It move meh since ah watch it make meh past.
Because the blood set meh free so you can't stop me talk...
De blood come here to deliver.
No matter how many times dey pull de trigger.
No make nobody tell yuh bout no gold digger

Man soul me no Ligga.
Christ blood flow like ah river.
Shut off de yard and deliver.
One step out ah gite and de
World pon dey shiver

De remedy inna de blood fit and we ah have ah winner.
And me grenadies hater show God love and favour.
Like vapor tear dem up like paper.