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Lyrics Figure Flows - Anything

i've got so many things on my mind right now
and the only way for me to express it, is by putting it in this letter
dear daughter,
you know i had to write this letter
first things first your daddy's loving you forever

i see you getting bigger all the time and its a pleasure
you know you mean the world to me you're daddy's little treasure
when i first see you i can't lie i felt the pressure
love is unconditional its something you can't measure
days i don't see you because i'm busy chasing cheddar
family is more important so i know i should do better
far from being perfect because everybody makes mistakes
i'm trying to chase my dreams and be remembered with the greats

and give you everything i never had
and that's just what it takes, no excuses
i should be there for you,
if i don't see you i should hear from you (at least)
how i'll forever love and care for you
wake up in the morning thank the lord and say a prayer for you

do you love daddy?
(araiyah): yeah
do you love daddy?
i love you more
(araiyah): 'love you more
no i love you more
(araiyah): no game game
i'm not playing games
(araiyah): you are
i love you more
(araiyah): love you more
here's some advice from your papa

go after your dreams don't let a single person stop ya (no-one)
you can be an athlete, a lawyer or a doctor
anything you wanna do just know that your daddy's got ya
when you go through school boys are only after one thing
just stay focused on your books (please)
don't let them boys fool you with them lies and good looks
read between the lines it ain't always how it looks, trust me

all that stuff can come later, education is key
so don't let them come and stray ya
love yourself first before you love another stranger
i was young to i wore the shoes and wore the blazer (believe)
i ain't trying to give a lecture your daddy wants the best for you
so of course i will protect ya
by any means necessary
nursery through secondary
daddy daughter bond legendary (love you)

(araiyah): can do anything in the world
good girl, give me a kiss
you know your just like your daddy
you look like your daddy
you smile like your daddy
you walk like your daddy
you laugh like your daddy

funny thing is you even fart like your daddy (haha)
nothing comes perfect but your perfect in my world
my heart melts every time i see you, you're my world
i love you how you are i'll never change you for the world
even when you grow up your still daddy's little girl
ask me any question i promise i won't lie to you
i ain't afraid to tell the world i sat at home and cried for you
thinking to myself i have to make a better life for you (trust me)
i really had to go and change my life for you
sometimes, i sit and think about your life
baby girls growing and it cuts me like a knife
thinking to myself your gonna becomes somebodies wife
make sure you know your worth and don't let nobody change your price
(no one)

go on then sing it
(araiyah): a, b,c, d,e, f,g, h,i, j,k, l,m, n,o, p,q,
r, s,t, u,v, w,x, y and z now i know my a b c ...