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Lyrics Reeko Squeeze - Mr Rope

My turn fam
My turn
My turn
My turn
My turn
My turn

He ain't touched no opps, he's telling lies (liar)
With my eyes, I've seen man cry (truss)
Brought man out, froze on rides (he froze)
He's so scared, he rolls with knives (scared)
These likkle yutes keep switching sides
I'm the reason you know these guys
After this, no reply

I'm pulling up, boom bye bye (boom)
Don't try send, 'cah you ain't ready (ain't ready)
I swear your boy got smoked in his belly (haha)
Characters; Ed, Edd n' Eddy
Your Co-d got cheffed up already
Roll on man, pull up on his Bimma (skrr)
Smoke your friend, I know he's too inna (boom)
Leave my phone, pull off in this dinger (skrr)
Smoke opp like pot, I'm purchasing Rizla
(Come on, come on)
Like how many times you been ran down? (how many?)
Like how many times you been sent out? (how many?)
I know you're scared

You tried to kill yourself in the pen house (suicide)
You're friends are weird, try to burgle shit from their friends house
Under the bed, you was hiding out with your best-
But, dey ain't gonna hide for long (you can't)
This the last time I'm gonna respond
Niggas know I'm gonna go beyond
Like rise up sticks, mans gripping on a wand (boom)
You don't know nuttin' 'bout road (you don't)
Don't beg it like you ain't from Grove
Like, your house got burnt down
The trap didn't work out, you had to go (burnt down)
Who are you knifing?
When Lockz got bored
You was in a car all hiding
I think you're insane (insane)
Count how many times, you and your guys got punched in the face (how many?)

Den' the next day, you're on the internet, acting all brave (like)
Like, you should'a never mentioned Nash
She can't even mention splash (uh-uh)
Remember the days in the park
You're little arse got kidnapped, haha
This little bitch, this dirtbag little snitch (like)
She got paid by feds, then wan' go on like she's rich, but (snitch)
What do you mean?
None of you boy there are bad (none)
Taze is a fucking thief
And Russ already got slapped
Like Nash is a fucking snitch
You're whole team makes me sick (err, like)
Ghetto, Grove, Penge; how the fuck did you switch?
Holy Moly

You don't trap, you're working for C
Don't forget, you want to be me
I gave you trap lessons for free
Your house got burnt down in the G'
You were a virgin at 18
You never built a line with no feens
That's your cousins spot in OT (but)
The mandem said I shouldn't bother
But how you reppin' Penge?
And the Penge yutes spoiled your brother (haha)

You should'a known better (should'a known better)
Now look what you done
Please tell me, what have you done? (please)
Please tell me, what have you- (go on)
Umm... I'll wait
Everyone I beef, cah they've all punched you in the face
And this is the way you pay
With hate? Okay
Trap not Carni but, the mandem paid for your vid
And, the mandem paid for your trackie, jewellery
Am I telling fibs?

Yeah man stop talking my name
I'm not gonna speak on this one again, still
Stop calling me out, stop calling me out
Shed no more light on this one, still
Say my name as well man
I'm gonna leave this one as it is
You're scared my G
Roll on man, pull up on his Bimma
Smoke your friend, I know he's too inna
You don't wanna fight, so...
This is what you want
Roll on man, pull up on his Bimma
Smoke your friend, I know he's too inna
Am I telling fibs?