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Lyrics 42 Dugg - World On My Shoulder

Back in the day, it was different
Whatever I went through, they was feelin'
The sky is the limit, why niggas reachin' for the ceilin'?
I tell 'em I'm ridin' the gang, half gon' kill 'em
My momma, she love me, first baby, I'm the one
I'm more than an artist that done made it, bitch, I'm her son
(No cap, gimme yo bag)
I'm her son, ayy (Ayy), c'mon

I went through the same shit with my daddy, I ain't trippin' (At all)
He told me they comin' for what I got, but nigga, listen
I never bow down, turned down a ho ass for these bitches
I let it die down, but in my heart, I'm still gon' kill him
Celebrate if you don't feel 'em nigga, do somethin' about it
Cuz was a killer, he got two sons in college
My buzz kinda different, I'm holdin' it for the bottom
Never catch me in my feelings, just white loafers and designer
It's a movement, beam is on it, yeah, suck a nigga dick
There's so many lames out here tryna fuck a nigga bitch
I'll smack a nigga silly and I don't trust shit
I'll whack a nigga with me (Bah)
They tell me that I'm blessed and I should act a little different
No, I'm back to being distant
Here face to face submission, ass on when I'm whippin'
I can die right now, how the fuck I ain't hit him?
I miss my nigga Lou, I can't die right now
How the fuck I ain't hit him, all the times I shot?
You forever my guy (I miss you)

Thought the answer was over (I miss you though, for real)
The world on my shoulders (Okay)

Can't believe you gone, doggy, that shit hurt me bad
If I ever spend five on a purse, she bad
If we ain't first, we last, bro he ain't turnt, he cap
At every show, I'ma strap, bitch, you'll still get smacked
I know it's crazy, ah
Ayy, I mean my whole hood turnt, nigga
Let's be for real, bitch, my whole wood done burn niggas
Before the deal, I was really out here servin'
Bitches say I'm perfect, same young nigga that'll hurt you
Momma say I better make it in before the curfew
Bows comin' up short, dog, he got them bilsls
I ain't ever burnin' down, nigga, this for Nef
Paid a little over seventy, uh, you can tell, ayy

Got the world on my shoulder
All my bitches lookin' colder, yeah