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Lyrics After The Burial - In Flux

Evergreen becomes me
Resistant child grown of wood and branch
Despondent, lost in flux
Distort the images of who I am
Searching for fire I felt the fall pulling me back again
As seasons changed, I spun the earth
My hands felt full of stone and hardened

Time left, construct of all our fears
Time left, it becomes the catalyst for failure

I'll miss the winter ways
The frost plumes breathing loud within
Sound and shake that kept the glow
A passion beaming from our eyes
And at the end I gave all of me to you
Shed skin and felt alive
So send your waters tonight and
Wash THE memories away

Nothing looked the same when
The ice dripped down my eyes

Gaze against a reflection of myself
Now worn and winded vitals keep me trudging on
Made of wood branch breaking while I grow
Gaze against from roots to roads

Beside a shadow laid frayed and waiting
One day I'll look back, following along, retracing
Beside a shadow laid frayed and waiting
Outstretched arms to bring me home
Stare back from the Evergreen
Rest my bones

Bring me home, under the night rest my bones
Shadows balance on worlds
Under the night, into the abyss