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Lyrics Bandgang, Lonnie Bands, Bandgang Javar - Wrong With Me

Turned down another deal, hey
Fuck wrong with me
I just left Fairfax with a pole with me
I just left Figueroa with a real hoe with me
Wit' some real hit men, worth a mill though
Before I ever did a scam, I sold some pills though
I'm a real artist, my dawgs kill though
You better chill, bruh

I just took another hit
What's wrong with me?
Glizzy on my hip, I'll take a nigga soul with it
Choppa get to singing niggas songs, Keyshia Cole with it
Wake up, brush my teeth and wash my face then grab my pole, nigga
Way before [?] got off parole, he kept a pole with him
Glock 27, you know we love them 4 0's, nigga
When we was snatched his glasses, y'all was doing the heel toe
Niggas ain't no opps, niggas just some real hoes

I just bought a new rollie
Fuck wrong with me?
Jackboys hit the party, taking jewelry from these hoe niggas
I'm too yellow and skinny not to have a big pole with me
One man army, shoot the glizzy like I'm Kobe
Choppa get to kickin' niggas, that's Jack Chan
I keep breaking these bitches, I can't stop getting them backends
Let that choppa speak, these pussy niggas better act dead
Two hundred shots ridin' wit' me, came in with savages

My nigga still taking shit
Man what's wrong with him?
And your man shootin' in the air, he brought a drone with him
Come get a big ass circle in that Vlone, nigga
Fuck you rap niggas, I got my own niggas
Your dawg coulda had a body, but he froze, nigga
Niggas hate my TTO niggas, they hoein' niggas
Lay on that floor, nigga, huh
Gimme that gold, nigga, huh
Or you can get smoked, nigga, huh

Big 4 0 with me, it stay by my side
Call up [?], I know he gon be the first to slide
I be searchin' for the opps, where them niggas hidin'?
We the reason that them niggas never come outside
Don't get hit with this Glock, it ain't no comin' back
We really lookin' for the opps 'cause this shit more than rap
Hop out on a pussy ass nigga, "gimme that"
Niggas callin' for they shit but they can't get it back

Choppa get to kickin' niggas round, feel like Bruce Lee
And that bitch got a 100 rounds, can shoot a movie
They don't want no smoke with us 'cause these niggas coochie
Gary got my neck iced up, I feel like Gucci
And my pockets filled up with paper, ain't talkin' loose leaves

I ain't talkin' 'bout construction paper, I got blue sheets
Like a dyke, I gotta take the strap to get some coochie
I don't feel safe danglin' 20 G's around no groupies
I smell pussy

I took dawg shit, made him strip bare booty
He been Twitter thuggin' ever since, dawg goofy
Still be at the corner house on Mark Twain, why you ain't shoot me?
The feds ain't thinkin' 'bout you, you ain't touch 50
Every time I leave the house, the narcs fuck with me
Off-White hoodie cost 650
But I punched it, really I ain't payin' one penny
7.62s hit him, he gon be like "huh?"
Detectives ask me 'bout the shootin', Imma be like "huh?"
When my lawyer get me off, they gon be like "huh?"
While I'm in the foreign laughin' like "hahahaha"