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Lyrics C Montana - London We Come From

London we come from
So we take refuge in a cunch spot
Seaside, no use for the sunblock
From knee high we're used to the gunshots
We bando live
Man get nicked then man don't sing
Man get licked then man go sick
It's no J Hus but shells from the stick will make your afro swing
Listen I ain't got time for that bullshit
I'm all-in, I ain't gotta lie that I'm balling
The people them do the vouching
Done stupid counting

While I hear a lot of chat about people moving ounces
Bro level up before you come and chat to C
Cah I'm that little nigga, multi-milli's out of Battersea
I ain't known for talking on the net, that's a patty ting
Cannabis, I chat to my connect to bring the Cali in
Light and dark on demand, it's a light switch
Mix it, wrap it and press it, now that's a tight brick

Flipped it, man all getting it off of Nike tick
Encrypted, man all these messages got a timing
Big drip, man all the kettles I've got are timeless
Quick dick, fat bellied jezzys all want a piping
Nigga fuck all the chatting, "I'm on a bus" status
Fuck that, ask all these rappers cause man are not capping
Box wrapping, try run up and see a Glock slapping
What happened? These bruddas all wanna stop trapping
No heart in your application
Now I'm sitting in one of my own yards doing calculations
All these facts that I spit are for your motivation
All these packs that I flip, they're for my broken days
Lonely days on the strip with a poke and beige
Don't be brave little prick, know your time and place
For the man that don't know, I read a lot of books
We see poverty-driven, they see a lot of crooks
You see all the man whipping, that's cause we're stuck in hoods
You see one in a million coming up, I'm good
But fuck that, we've gotta change the way we're living
Cool, I made a name off whipping
We ain't made the same so listen

I ain't chasing women, since the start I've followed my dream
Praying that my sinning departs and I'll get on my deen
I go shopping, they think I'm an American rapper
No stopping, the bigger, the better and the badder
I've gotta fly out to the motherland and father nation
I ain't gotta lie but my donnies in incarceration
Most of them looking at double figures

Trap bosses and most of them follow without religion
Man stop it, man most of them counted a couple million
Imma cop a mansion and it'll cost me a couple million
Slow it down for the fools in the back man
They think this talk that I'm talking is trash
Niggas try rob, have tools in your trap
Heat in a tight spot ain't causing a rash
Better off in prison than the cemetery

Told you ain't no violation sliding, end up dead and buried
London City but the bits is like the Serengeti
London City where the pigs is tryna get us twenty
Gritty London City, my niggas are coming with me
I've been through a couple strippys
Cause piggies were dressed as nitties
They were my younger days, going by another name
But now my money's saying "Go and buy another chain"