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Lyrics Christian Charmaine - Save The Day

I saw you walking down the street
Crying on your own
Thinking "how will I make it through the night?"
I know you think you're just forgotten
You say you're too far gone
And you've been hiding for so long
Just breathe I'm here
And it'll be alright

Let me be the one to fight it all
I'll stand between you and your fears
I'll be the One to take your place
Let me take all the scars
I wanna save the day

I saw you fighting in your weakness
You did it all again
Then you ran away feeling so ashamed
You thought you threw away your chances of ever coming home
But once again you thought wrong

I know you, I still love you
So let me be the Saviour of it all

The days, the hours, the minutes
Every moment of your life
The days, the hours, the minutes
Let me take all the scars, bruises and all
I wanna save yes I wanna save
Your day