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Lyrics Christian Guardian - See You in Heaven

It's hard to say goodbye, my friend,
But this waiting can't last forever;
Sooner or later the sun must set
Ending this time together.
I wish that i had one more chance

To spend another day with you,
And even though i know i can
I'll see you in heaven.
The only thing that hurts more than losing you
Are all of the years of living without you.
I wanna run back to you
And show you the life i've lived without you,
'Cause living without you is the only thing that hurts

More than you.
I see a picture of a little child,
Standing alone, wondering where you are.
I can't believe how this child has grown,

Living this life, sometimes so alone.
Wishing i had one more chance
To have you hold me once again,
Now even though i know you can
You'll hold me in heaven.
I've let so many years of life go by
Thinking it's all worked out.
Now i realize i do now

To say that it's over and let you go for now.
Still, i wish that i had one more chance
To say i love you one more time,
And even though i know i can
I'll say it in heaven.
I'll see you in heaven