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Lyrics Christian Humble Tip - Real Life

Ayo I swing for the fence, I ain't thinking bout a bunt
4th and long, lets go for it, I ain't think about a punt
A lot of youngers tryin to dunk when they don't know how to jump
Lyrically I pack a punch, with content opposite of dumb
My memories flashback, to the age of 10

Me and my brother with some plastic swords, loving to pretend
That we was were both power rangers, tryna save the world
Imagination off the chain, see that's what we preferred
Forget my other options, I'm opting to keep it real
If you tend to be in my vicinity then you gone feel
This mans grand slam, even if you doubt the skill
Come next to me, you'll see my destiny being fulfilled
I be on that other stuff, other stuff that they ain't on
Um tryna reach these youngers other rappers got that lazy arm
They addicted to whips and chains, get your slavery on
But what you gone do one day when all that fame is gone?

This ain't fantasy, I mean it's real life
You don't gotta feel feel, is what it feel like
I can deal with the heel especially real mike
I'll never touch your height and live the real life,
LG .. I no name tracks, most of us got lungs we gotta pay back,
Most of us ain't the fact we gotta pay tax
The youngest feel in life but you don't mean to say that.

Let me take you to a scene that is so disturbing
She is only sixteen and she is a sex phien
Flunking out of school, it's a shame she has no dreams
All she wants to do is party, and get men to cop her bling
Rumors in the high school, got this girl cussing
I heard she was with 4 guys in 1 week, disgusting
She at the clinic getting texted, as a default
Waterfalls hit her eyes, them results
HIV hit her, she has contracted
That from some dude, the results of that mattress
And she don't understand cuz in them videos
Them chicks swinging on poles seem to get dough
Nudity is in that's why they get everything they want
Them STDs fly around with a cape on
And in 6 years, all of her days gone
I'm just tryna give her change like a pay phone.

Vaporize the lies, these fantasies are arbitrary
Illogical fallacies and that are contrary
To reality, such a lack of authenticity
Materialism has truly replaced simplicity
I feel alone cuz I'm on that road less traveled
Hollow songs push nothing but bondage and shackles
They go to war but got no ammunition for the battle
Its sad to see them all tricked into eating the apple
What's even worse is they chose this poison willingly
Wyclef, someone call 911 cuz its killing me
Without being a nuisance
I would like to know if I could toss my 2 cents
Into this fountain and make a wish for a movement
To rise up and finally call out this illusion
If honesty's a language than I am fluent
These younginz lies are translucent, see through them's the solution.