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Lyrics Christian Oddly Specific - Pinthouse Freestyle

My mind is on a different island
I been eating, where the heck the produce isle went?
Yeah, I been scheming, you can bet that you would find my plans
In the book, it's written after Malachi's bit
Hop out the car, I just drove a bunch of mileage
No shutter, I still gotta work the night shift (no shudder)
Do you want to come over like right now?
We could get together act a fool up in this pinthouse, yeah

My mind, my mind, my mind, yeah
Young kid making money no cabbage patch
You don't get what I mean? Look at what I attached
'Cause I'm sitting back and I'm looking wack
'Cause I sent that email without attaching it
So classic, I gotta toss it back

I'm eating jelly on the moon that's a space jam
Play against a team called the monster mash
Wait, nah, that's a whole different ballgame
My God stay saying He will not change
I been looking out the window there was no pain
The way that I kill it you 'd think that there was no game
I could be running around the city I got no pants
But for me to be that silly there was no chance
I need to get back on my coloring book
So put the crayon in my hand again

Wanna go on the road with your friends all night long?
We could roll, we could ride, 'till the night we find home