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Lyrics Christian Playdough - Saint Dangle

Sookie, Sookie, lookie, lookie, it's the veterookie
Dunkin cookies on you pasty milky facey bookies
I had to hit 'em, rippin' ripples in they algorithm
Lookin' out for sheep that's lost like, "Y'all don't worry, I'll go get 'em"
The Shepherd use a rod and staff to straight and comfort me
Your record cause a lot of laughs like "What y'all want from me"?

Preparin' tables in the sight of my enemy
Dallas making dead presidents, word to John F Kennedy
The rapper roll a blast of soul right off the grassy knoll
Miraculous flow direct from go like it was cast in gold
The crucible in the furnace turn up the heat to burn us

Lesson that learned this came out clean like I'mma make the purest
Love is love and hate is hate, Heartbreak and 808's
Pick up the pieces eatin' humble pie off paper plates
I got a slice of that pie chart and my bar graph eye chart
Say I M.C. right from my heart
Y'all crackin' me up and you don't even know
Water into wine off my mind like a miracle
Spiritual lyrical metaphorical oracle horrible
Rappers wishing my features was more affordable

Yo, tryin' to think if I just had one wish
It'd probably be to rhyme like this
So close both eyes
Blow them candles out while I rocks it
And knock 'em out the box, Rick
I took some time, I stepped away, I went and read my Bible
I drank some coffee, studied scriptures, angered up my rivals
Save your applause and raw-raws, you's a lost cause
Go home and practice, use this verse like a montage

Worry for what? My road dogs like, "Playdough, hurry up"!
I'm on a budget, dog, I'll lease this beat for thirty bucks
And I don't like that that's the case, but I'm still makin' moves
I climb a single step one at a time, this year, I showed and proved
I hit the road, I tipped the gold and then I hit some goals
I did some tours, I saw a couple hundred at my shows
I made some fans by shakin' hands with each and every one

I gained some knowledge, wisdom, understandin' man, I raised my son
I chopped some breaks, I made mistakes, I made some enemies
I saw some fakes who really ain't who they pretend to be
I want to do a song about it, call 'em out, call 'em on it
Self-righteous sword they cut me off with now they fallin' on it
But I'm gonna do to them what I wish they would do to me
Hold 'em down and love 'em beautifully and keep some unity
I choose to be who I be, never usin' faith foolishly

Cause pimpin' Jesus in church for jewelry isn't cool to me
Peter Popoff, gettin' topped off
Hung playdough out to dry so it just made it not soft
Now it's not hard to get my rocks off
Turn your boombox off and rub this prayer cloth
It's Saint Dangle, cross over and break angles
Break beats, break bread and break tables
Money changin' in the temple with your lips smackin'

I'm stuntin' on instrumentals with my whip crackin'
I use the cord off microphones like Indiana Jones
I study history, rockin' and dodgin' rolling stones
Anxious for nothin', casting burdens, I don't hold my own
The stumbling block, rejected rock has now become the cornerstone (Chief!)

And I don't build my house in the sand
I'm staying grounded in higher ways than what I understand, so
If you ride and fly or die when I was flyin' by
We ride or die and writin' my message, catchin' the tiger's eye
Champion raw like a glass of eggs for breakfast
Always rep Texas yelling out, "God bless this"!
Ninety-nine red balloons and I came to flash the message
Praying God bless this
It's Saint Dangle