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Lyrics Christian Smalltown Poets - Prophet, Priest And King

Put down my thoughts in a letter to the President
Penciled and packaged with all due respect
Elvis commemoratives just for effect
Never heard back: you think you know a guy

Wired my congrats to Chuck and Di some time ago
All my love to the Queen
My invitation was lost in the mail
But I know I was missed when they kissed 'neath the veil
I sent a nice gift; never got a note

But my closet's a shrine to an old friend of mine
Here I talk all the time with a prophet, priest...
I pull out boxes and brooms and I gush like a groom
For it's here I commune with a prophet, priest and king

If I indeed am misperceived by some heads of state
Hey, that's great
'Cause I talk to a prophet who tells me the truth
And I dine with a king at my home in Duluth
Better yet I'm in touch with a much needed friend
Who hears my confessions and pardons my sin