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Lyrics Christian Spencer Kane - Runway

I got my bags packed
And I ain't lookin' back
Ain't no more livin' in the past
I got no time for that
I gotta do what I gotta do

Gotta hit that runway
I gotta do what I gotta do
Gotta hit that runway
As long as I got you
As long as I got you

Tell me what's keepin', keepin' me so stressed
Gotta give my all, so I can give my best
Can't be afraid of what may be next
Is it gon' be easy or is there a test?

'Cause I learned a lot from my past, IQ
I ain't ever lookin' back, rearview
Still lookin' for a change, brand new
Hands up to the sky

I won't be knocked down, finish line instead
I'm on my way, waitin' to take flight
I'll change my altitude, take it to new heights
Can't wait another day, changin' my life

Will you open my door?
I'm really wanting to explore
So show me all the reasons that I can't ignore
I'll lift off in a minute with you
'Cause I know it's some things that I gotta do
Gotta see things that I never saw
Gotta reach my goals whether near or far
And I'm not gonna land 'til I'm done
I'm takin' a trip to the Sun
'Cause I wanna be where the stars at
Look at me like I'm a Martian
'Cause I'm different now