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Lyrics Christian Stephen the Levite - Sos

I’m writin’ this soundtrack for my wife 
It’s like the song of songs 

She’s my sister and my cistern
The well that I drink from when I sense thirst
Her body is all mine and mine is her’s yeah I said it ‘cause he said it, they’re His words
She is my bride, we are His church, though we’ve become one, we’re one in Him first
They say it’s a ball and chain, I say they misheard/ I’ve never felt more free than when I’m with her
She's my good thing, proof of His mercy, she puts up with my sin when I’m a big jerk

And when I’m feelin’ depressed she’s there to encourage, the complete opposite of what my sins earned,
Biblically angels have never been girls
But that conflicts with the fact that God sent her
She ain’t big on them big books with big words, but she’s lovin’ the text and lives scripture
She is so fly, how’d I get her, with that natural hair, she doesn’t dig perms, plus a beautiful face and dope figure,
Body modestly covered she’s not a tempter
She is my crown full of splendor
She be makin’ me look good, not embarrassed
She’s not that loud chick gettin’ on men’s nerves
She knows the time and the place to voice concerns
She is my mission i was sent first
Called to show her some Christus Exemplar
This is incarnation she can get served
Bathed for sanctification, hearin’ His Word
She is my warmth in the winter
Through the seasons of life our love will endure
Divorce is not an option though it gets worse
We’ve committed to many to make this work

Because Renee’s got nothin’ on her
Bonita Applebum's got nothin’ on her
Ms. Fat Booty’s got nothin’ on her
All the girls around the way got nothin’ on her
They be killin’ ‘em still nothin’ on her
Hair done, nail done, nothin’ on her
She’s more than a thing I put a ring on her
I see that Proverbs 31 steez on her

She is my ride or die sister
“till death do us part” couldn’t be simpler,
Until then we gon’ be gettin’ it in sir
Makin’ babies, disciples and much of His worth,
She is my help, my assist-er,
Jesus made us a team to show off His works,
We Voltron on a job, she’s down to get dirty
The Lord meant for my gifts to compliment her’s
She is my crystallized ginger, she’s so spicy and sweet the lines get blurred

Plus she’s got some other stuff in the mixture
A little salty and all but not bitter
She is my gift, He’s Giver
She is my priority, He’s center
He snatched me out of the matrix like Fishburne,
We’re co heirs of His grace now we’re delivered
She’s the misses to my mister
The one who loves me enough to give my kids birth
There is nobody like her here in this Earth
She’s so good for my soul, I’m seein’ sins purged

When I’m lovesick, she’s elixir
I can’t travel too much because I miss her
Love is strong as death, and a little gentler
It’s a fire a flood could never quench (word)
She is my quest my adventure
I double major in life and one of them’s her
Exegeting my wife and God’s scriptures
I know I’m gonna be tested on what I just learned,
I could go on write a 5th verse,
Share more of His glory and His immense worth
But I’m prayin’ it’s seen more in the picture
That your view would prove these more than just words

I’m writin’ this soundtrack for my wife 
It’s like the song of songs