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Lyrics Christian Taelor Gray - Scapegoats

A lion king in the elephant graveyard
A neighborhood away from being the next Trayvon
A black man who lost his race to the swift
I almost lost my cool I'm out of patience for this
See this is where writing gets complicated
When your mind can't take it and them gossip's waiting
That's ill and that's real, and yeah I'm all up in my feelings
I don't look the part for an ad on Rapzilla and
I know I'm not the illest and not worthy of Top 5
This could get deep man, I'm just keeping it topside

I'm looking at cats, some of them got you fooled
This is insecure and two faced is anyone that you knew
Some label heads got their own interests in mind
In the shadows with their jealousy, weak gimmicks and pride
They hide behind theology they don't even believe
And scrambling for some market players only made to deceive
Like it's crazy

But yo, it's egos in that green room
Full of awkwardness suffocating the steam room
Blowing you off like you ain't even in their gene pool
But keep your mouth shut don't question these actors
Cause they gon' say you're bitter and send you straight to the blacklist
Internet and text cause all connection is lost

What happen to them days when you call your brother to talk
Just tell your brother you love him, man I ain't doing that lately
My own brother was hurting I'd rather hide it than face me
And maybe he's saying "Taelor, you wasn't there for me
I just wanted an ear, you gave me a pharisee"
And I needed to hear that, man I've been making some changes
Past doing the balance when I've been making some payments
Still I can feel my heart growing numb
Feel like these Calvinists devalue where I'm from

They're looking at me strange when I say that I speak in tongues
Cause their Trinity is the Father, the Scripture and the Son
My church is mostly white, but trust me I got some brothers
And we ain't copping that, like we don't see color
Just installed as a pastor, what's that do to my writing
My transparency turns this other person I'm hiding
I'm thinking about content, I be feeling convicted
Cause deep down I'm wondering whether people will listen

It's almost like if I tell you that Jesus won't fail us
Somehow it's more real if I just speak of my failures
Like you can't even feel me if I just worship the Lord
This world is too ugly and artists got to be more
But folk go to war with Church, silence and women
But who gon' pray about them 147 Kenyans
Slaughtered broad day just because they said they're Christians

We ain't try and test that tension
Nah man, we ain't try and test that tension
Man I'm left convicted bringing a child to this world
My wife miscarried a little boy or a girl
Then all my grief had a smidgen of relief
Cause the Father's face is all my baby ever see

I know He won't leave me, I know this ain't dogma
I prayed for a son, my wife wants a daughter
That wisdom's too high, I leave that in the heavens
I got a baby boy that everyday I'm gon' cherish
My noon in Columbus is 6PM in New York
With my both hands raised like 50 Cent in New York
Feel like I've just arrived but going out with a bang
But Jurny told me to chill and let the vets name names

That's real and I feel that, more positive vibes
Even though you might think these is irresponsible rhymes
But I'm just staying low so don't tell me I'm humble
These fans can make you lose it as soon as they say they love you
Light that candle for the scapegoats and scandals
The heroes of the day that turn out to be the vandals
Lord, I know you see our hearts
And we just need your help before we tear this world apart
So we just need your help before we tear this world apart