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Lyrics Nefew - Soulja Raggs

It’s another beat, baby
Basically call ‘em public housin’, see roaches crawlin’ and shit
In the ‘partments, I’m shootin’ dice, I’m tryna make me a ten
In the mornin’, it’s 10 o’clock, my mama makin’ me grit
I just pulled up and served my unc, mama, he drinkin’ again
Just meet me behind the ‘partments, and I can serve you a ten
Seen two niggas get pulled over, A.P.D checkin’ they vin
See, he was tryna floss his shit, that’s why I ain’t go get them rim

Marble floors in the condo, the couch got elephant skin
Candy lady on the front porch, she smokin’ on her a ‘Port
Crooked police, they just pulled in, and they took everybody dope
Niggas still got on they ski mask, they just came back from a lick
I’m in Biscayne, I’m in the back, I’m tryna score me a brick
I just re-upped and bought sandwich bags, you can come get a zip
Auntie at the door, wanna wake up, keep beggin’ for a nick-
Fuckin’ on them project bitches sportin’ them micros and tights
Out the sunroof of the G-Wagon with no shirt, rockin’ ice

Smash your ass you think twice
Souljah rag on the right
Oh, it’s Street Money army
Got bombs and military device
Hundred-round shit with that light
In the projects, rockin’ ice

Hit that dog’s bitch with that pipe
Dirt bike poppin’ wheelies through light
Temp fade, got this bitch cut up nice
Hot Boy shit, creep through the night
AR-15 with that sight
Dog sniffin’ raw with that white
Bullets shoot out this bitch like a tank
Souljah rag tied, this for Bank-
Slowed up in this bitch off a pint
Five-star, salute me with rank

I told Weezy, “Give me the ki, give me the weed, give me the G, give me the MAC 10”
Let me see what’s hannin’, that was me while these niggas was lackin’
I was thinkin’ [?] these niggas’ relaxin’
You was stressin’ ‘bout that ho, I’m chasin’ [?] ain’t want no taxes
My plan went south, I don’t wanna sell flour (Yeah)
I want a office in the tower (Yeah), though, they bootin’ by the hour (Yeah)
And I know you heard of ghost, but mine wasn’t on Power
Never seen the boy before, but let ‘em give him a shower
We all fucked up, so you know that we got dope dreams
Jumped off the porch mean, couldn’t slow him down if you gave codeine
Fuck over both teams if you ain’t loyal [?]
Scoob been showin’ his ass with this cash, they tryna vote me (They hate me)
Out the game, I came right back and ripped some [?]
Gangster shit, they want none of that, they call the police (Wanna make a report)
Hate me ‘cause this bitch on my back swallowed my protein (Damn)
Project nigga, still sellin’ pack, bitch, you don’t know me
Haha, yeah, yeah, yeah