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Lyrics Big Tobz Woke

Live in the flesh mans hot
Come like Marrakesh
Big Tobz man stylin on dem
Wait *sh* hear sirens again
Feds [alert?] thats a life in the ends

Six [yutes?] two rides an a skeng
Once stick big knife in ya chest
Innocent man died for his friend
All started from lies from a sket
One bagged
Doin’ time for this mess
What happened to the five of his friends

All snitched couldn’t lie to the feds
Now he in a cell
Trying to forget
But he’s living out a life of regrets
Mum can’t recognise him again
All the tears from her eyes that she shed
No trust, couldn’t dial up a friend
Mad thoughts ain't bright in his head
Thinking bout suicide
And has death nightmares every time that he slept
Wishin that he could rewind every step

Was all that bullshit worth it?
Think about the time that you’re serving
All you ever wanted was a whip and a roley
You could’ve been driving that German
Now wheres all the guys that you rid for
I bet its only your girl that really holds you down

Cause this ain't the live that you live for
I bet you thinkin why the hell you only told me now
But its never too late to change
An everybody’s on this paper chase
Theres no heroes to save the day
You can’t let your life waste away
Don’t wanna end up in a box like David Blaine
Before I eat mum told me ‘Better say your grace’
Ya wanna be a rap star like jay an drake [?]

Then know yourself
Don’t let no-one mistake your name
My black brothers please stay awake
They wanna blame drill for these antics
But its nuttin to do with this rap shit
How can you blame the music for the violence
All these kids really need is some guidance
How about you get yourself down to the hood
Then ask these young niggas really whats good

How many young lives really got took
How many innocent really got jook
I know I will do the best I can
Real niggas really gon’ respect my rap
Try’na do [road?] an impressed by that
[?] show an collect 5 bags
I understand that the road is a [slip?]
So you feel safe with a chrome on your hip
But this kinda life only ends two ways
An I ain't gotta say you already know what it is