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Lyrics Christian VeggieTales - Sippy Cup

Mr. Lunt: And what would you like to drink?
Larry: I'll just have water, please. And could I have it in a glass this time?
Mr. Lunt: Hmm, Let me check my records…
(scrolls over pages on his notepad with stains)
Just as I suspected
Good thing I stopped and checked it
My pad is stained and blotted
From liquids you spilt on it
I’m afraid the jig is up…
You must use a sippy cup
Larry: STOP!!
Don't bring me a sippy cup
Haven't spilled since yesterday

Water won’t stain anyway
Bring a mug
Bring a jug
Just don't bring… a sippy cup
Mr. Lunt: Hmm, let me check with the busboy…
(leaves offscreen to talk with the busboy)
Is he the one?
(both Mr. Lunt and Jimmy show up)
Jimmy: IT'S YOU!!
Every time I fill it
He turns around and spills it
I've brought a hundred blotters
'Cause you can't hold your waters

This time I'm not mopping up…
Both: You must use a sippy cup
Larry: NO!
Don't bring me a sippy cup
They’ll be making fun o’ me
Put a pail in front o' me
Bring a mug
Bring a jug
Just don’t bring… a sippy cup
Mr. Lunt: Well, I could ask the Maitre D'…
(Mr. Lunt and Jimmy vanished for a few seconds until Madame Blueberry arrives')
Blueberry: Zees is impos-see-blay
He puddles up ze cafe

You take me for a fool?
A restaurant's not a pool
Take his glass and lock it up
All three: Ze pickle gets a sippy cup
Larry: Wait!!
Don’t bring me a sippy cup
This time I'm not gonna spill
Jimmy: I'm pretty sure he will
Larry: Spilling soda's not a crime
If it is, I'll do time
Just don't bring… a sippy cup

(the music becomes slower, with the lights dimming, and a judge's stand show up with Mr. Nezzer on it)
Nezzer: Order, order in the court
I judge you the clumsy sort
By the dictates of our laws
I sentence you to safety straws
(telephone rings, and Jimmy brings it to the judge)
Jimmy: It's the Governor
Nezzer: (answering the phone) Yes, I see. Very well. Thank you, Governor. (closes the phone) Ahem…
Give me back that sippy cup
You've been granted sippy stay
Larry: This must be my lucky day
Chorus: This must be his lucky day
Nezzer: Bring a mug
Bring a jug

Jimmy: I'll bring an absorbent rug
Chorus: You don't need… a sippy cup
(Mr. Lunts shows up with a wine glass filled with grape juice)
Mr. Lunt: Compliments of the house, grape juice
Larry: Grape juice? (Dramatic zooms between some of the characters and Larry as starts to drink the grape juice, only to spill it all over others) Oops! Sorry!
Narrator: This has been silly songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Larry say: I'll take that sippy cup!