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Lyrics Icewear Vezzo - Fk Rap

I don’t need no niggas
Don’t fuck with hoe niggas
Got bro with me he off a 4 skittles
Drop shit you on big op shit
Yeah I expose niggas to street money
Turn that to P money like I got coach with us

RIP GG miss my nigga Loc
He beat that road with it
Hit MD they going for the high
I want the whole ticket
I dare a nigga come reach for my chain
I got BIG pole with me
This roli on me freeze up like the cold
Or it Got snow in it
(Yeah)Plus ain’t no hoe in me
We up that score nigga
Hit yo city and snatch a soul in it

You hang with niggas you know dropped yo man, these niggas whole bitches
Won’t let a fuck nigga fuck up my plans
I ain’t got no feelings
We’ll take that shit up off yo neck
Fuck about yo strap
You in my hood bitch quit throwing up yo set (yeah)
Nigga reach I’m throwing up big tech
Just counted up a check

And we got now don’t give a fuck about who next (yeah)
Fuck rap I’m really on some shit
And it’s just me and gang so don’t ask me about no nigga you don’t see me with(yeah)
Car and house fish shit up on my wrist
So much water now that I think about it shit, I should’ve went to flint (aye)

Pussy good I put her on the kik
5k on the fit, you niggas pussy
30 racks on yo whole clique (yeah)
I’m still on probation for that stick
I asked Lil gang what he wanted to shine?

He said just put him on a lick
Bitch I got new money
That pink and blue money
Count 200 thats credit too money
I’m sick them niggas done killed all yo guys and y’all ain’t do nothin
They still ain’t blew nothing
We drop shit I ain’t gotta prove nothing