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Lyrics Christian Bizzle - Soldier

Yeah, I know, everybody a soldier
So ready to go, but what you going to war for?
Put one in a cell or bury one in a hole, dawg
Either dead or in jail, pick which ones for ya

What up soldier, I see you got your fatigues on
Ready for the beef and don't know who your enemies are
Up and down your street, seeking who you can feast off
Eager to squeeze and don't need a reason to be P'd off
You're full of anger that you place in the tool

Aiming at your neighbor who's placed in the same situation as you
And rappers nowadays are basically making it cool
Saying if you look at me crazy Imma bang it at you
But trying to stay where it's danger they hate with a crew
And say things that away from their gang they ain't gonna do