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Lyrics Christian Manafest - So Beautiful

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Another show another freestyle another note
Another seed sown deep into the hearts of those
Through a microphone speaking in a hyper tone
Flights around the globe from Japan to Cali Co
I'm only one man with one chance and one command
God is my witness I won't give in I'm all in
No matter how big or small or moneys involved
I won't fall to revolve I'm given you my all

Every time every mind every music note
Man it's beautiful it's so beautiful
Every city every town every decimal
It's irreversible I'm a professional
Every kick every snare every line I write
It's cause you are my light
Every vision every dream every sleepless night
It's right there when I hold this mic

You called me again called me your friend even when
I didn't call back you still lent me your hand
When I didn't have a cent and on the floor we slept
You still kept a close eye though I didn't understand
Every mile I drove every city and home
Another milestone wow you never left me alone
Though I don't always get it I could never forget it
How you sent me, made me, forever I'll tell it

When I'm out of line, your always by my side
And when I fall behind, you pick me up
When I try to climb, feel like I'm losing my mind
You I can always find, your beautiful

Every time I fell down you knelt down to help out
Your so proud of me now you called me to reach out
With these sounds and freestyles overseas to speakout
I can see it now you had it planned for awhile
When everything else fails you were where I dwell
Wind under my sails thunder that brings health
Wonder of the earth, love that covers my hurts
Up and coming, so stunning you've been healing my world