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Lyrics Christian Out of the Dust - So Amazing

Let's get going, hit the road and
Keep it rolling til the kids say they can't hold it
Track the same miles, crack the same smile
Saying how we can't believe this is our life
Playlist, podcast
Somebody's mad cause I'm driving too fast

But I know it won't last
I can't take it
This life with you is crazy, baby
So amazing
What could shake us
Let's roll until we're eighty, baby
So amazing
Who knows where we're going

We're fine not knowing
All we need is hearts wide open
We'll always make it
Cause I'm ok with staying crazy
With you baby
5 am flight, holding hands like

You're what's keeping me alive cause I'm so tired
Am I dreaming, where we sleeping
Could be mattress on the floor or The Four Seasons
No clue tonight
Well... life is nothing if not a surprise
So let's roll the dice
Oh thank God for the road
Hope it never gets old
Living on the edge of our seat

And tip of our toes
Yeah we might take a dive
But I know we'll survive
If you stay right by my side