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Lyrics Christian The Elms - Speaking In Tongues

Got the kind of face everybody knows
Run around barefoot when it snows
Growin' out your hair 'cos you like it long
Fighting in the road 'cos you know it's wrong
People got a thing for the dangerous
You'll find it inside the best of us
Taking what they want like it's owed to them
Other folks do the best they can...
Some of us do the best we can!

Brothers! Brothers!
Everybody's speaking in tongues, we gotta speak in love!

Never met a man 'said he did not try
Running from the truth time again in life
You can be the poor one, rich or wise
But all of us know 'bout sacrifice
Put me in the water, put me in the fire
Put me in the world and I'll walk that wire
Seen the people come and I've seen them go
Talk all day but it's what they show...
Talk all day but it's what you show!