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Lyrics Christian Hannah Ford - Take a Deep Breath

Hear the Spirit whispering to you
No, it's not in your head, you know you're not confused
Time is rolling by and it's got a hold on you
You sit and wait when you know just what to do

Take a deep breath. Take the right step.
The one you know that you need to do
Don't be afraid to start to move
Don't sit anymore Just walk on forward
You know you've only got so much time
The best is ahead- your freedom inside

Did you ever dream that you'd still be sitting here
It's no way to live paralyzed by fear
Hold on to what's been promised from above
He'll pick you up in His strength and love

There is something more beyond than this place that you are living
If you don't step out you'll never know
There's a future that is bright, a tomorrow that's assured
And a freedom for your soul