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Lyrics Christian Russ lee - Suddenly

Kneeling on a hill, I watch and pray
Long ago you told me, it would all turn out this way
The world is spinning fast, the end is near
Love and understanding like time, just disappear
Those that live in you are not afraid
Longing for the moment, waiting for the day

When suddenly, above the eastern sky
You will come without a warning
And bring me to your side
Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye
Like an angel I will fly
To my everlasting life

Though we're living in the final days
Hearts are growing cold, as good men fall away
You told us in your Word what we should do
To set our hearts on things above
And keep our eyes on you
'Cause those who look to you are not afraid
We're longing for the moment, we're living for the day