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Lyrics Christian Skrip - Stop

Blood rush brainwaves in motion
Rough touch to the heart got it far from broken
In the cells and the veins a brand new covenant
Magnetizing ears and the outcome you lovin' it
Disclaimer, who's this stranger?
Long time coming no need for the flanger
More than a caped crusader with the assortment of musical flavors that rock like a manger

My aim to reframe the shame that's been slain
So all that don't know can be born again
I could do all things and make beats sound strange
For the enlightenment of ears to gain change
Bright like a street light with the music
Rowdy enough to cause a street fight but no hadouken
So with all of that you wondering for
This is what it sound like under the score

"Stop It" You really talk too much
Off at the mouth like you all too tough
Thinking you the next big thing
Thinking that you, thinking that you living that dream
"Stop it" You need to really give up
"Stop it" You need to really give up
"Stop it" You need to really give up
"Stop it" You need to really give up

With every minute I'm in it to win it
Admit it you finished every lyric I spit it
Live it no kidding I'm independent 'cuz with it
You'd think I'm sinning I'm grinning at foolishness
Welcome to the school of fist in your appendix
The truth hurts who gone make the move first
Sweatin' over ivory violently I do work
Tears on the keys while I type
No buzz but I get love from beyond before
I breathe on the mic

In the last days bellies is gods sin is swallowed in
Your favorite rappers in a blender no juice come out of 'em
The emptiness is based and some claim to be gods
But in reflection of divinity they shatter in shards
Blowin' up proximity close these crumbs get toast
They choke when they quote what I wrote
Afterlife-switch on that's where I keep my head
And It's cross life you are now witnessing the Living dead
(“This is the sound of an underground renegade
I come through and bless the mic in a Godly fashion”)

With the versatility intricately I'm back again
All y'all need to fall back Benny Hinn
Straight to the core bad to the bone skeleton
No chains though got a holy ghost rider settled in
Four minutes of pure so you hittin' rewind
No dollar sign can define this mind of mine
And been hip-hop since before '99

I don’t use pens I type 'cuz I like them tidy lines
Watchin' over the streets you can call me a warden
Bringing thoughts to life with the Light like Hal Jordan
Heavier than leather is worth, till I'm under the dirt
Speak truth whether freestyle or rehearsed
New eyesight so I'm making it clear
I'mma light lampstand yelling out "Get over here"
Flows ever last and will forever paint a picture
You may know me as Skrip but It's short for skripture