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Lyrics Norma Jean - Songs Sound Much Sadder

We'll be legends.
We are smashed men, still moving.
We've tried everything in the book.
No stranger to failure, death with a steady heartbeat.
Scratching into any surface it wants.

Joy and beauty rejected so many times.
A world of hurt, a heart of false hope.

While we thought we were learning how to live,
We have been learning how to die.
I should have known, we will be legends.

Our hopes and dreams, our worst nightmares.
Our worst nightmares have now come true.

Tonight when this deep sleep falls on men.
Driven by a instinct more powerful than life itself.
From horror to hope, from hope to devastation.

And while we thought that we were learning how to live
We have been learning how to die
I should have known we will be legends

Overfed and unconcerned, they came with teeth and claw
Oh hated form of emotion you have become so obvious
My friend, the fatal habit of being myself
Okay, there's hope
Step back with all your friends