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Lyrics Christian Dillon Chase - The Kick

Shook out of a devastating dream
A terrorizing tale where I fell away with ease
In deep like a scene within a scene
It was as me within a legion
Of demons on a leash

I couldn't wake up I tried all the tricks
Pinched myself, closed my eyes
Couldn't find a fix
Momentary bliss
A veil of ignorance

Led to soul inflicted wounds
So impaled by sick intent
But then came the kick
The drop was so unsettling
But it gave the lift
To perceive the death in me

A reaper with the sift
But I had a legacy
I wouldn't forfeit
There was no escape
My problems had to be faced

Not just get erased
Death the after taste
More than a mistake
I would call it a waste
But the feeling of redemption
It can never be replaced Wait
This is a second chance romance

Grace, faith, hope came close like a slow dance
Put a thorn into my side so I'd know
The glory isn't mine I don't boast
In my own hands
Programmed to respond to the notes
That He sung over my soul dozing off but He spoke

I awoke I awoke now the dark is revoked
He opened up my closed throat
Now I'm swallowing hope
And you know the funeral here is temporary
I really come alive when the flesh is getting buried
From a felon to interstellar because I'm living very
Far outta the world that want me in a cemetery 

Been alive don't minimize the call
That sent the light of God
Within me I evolved
Any time I drift inside the fog
He gives me eyes to walk
Cus' bigger sights involved
Faith step say less I stay kept
I can't rest flesh want death for a pay check
Slumber for my soul put me into the matrix
I don't know what's real till the realist awake yes

Fast asleep
My enemies they laughed at me
I needed a kick
A wake up I was sick
In a coma lying stiff
You ever look into the eyes
Of the one that you almost killed

Not wanting to be forgiven
But wanting them to be filled
Not wanting to see a victim
But wanting them to be still
Not wanting the interference
Of all the poison you spilled

Woke up in Amarillo with a long drive home
Praised God for a life that was not my own
Nightmare collapsed every prop got thrown
Landed on a solid rock you can't knock this stone
Now I have sight of the ditch that I dug myself
Was a suicidal offense I wanted nobodies help

See that Kick provided the glimpse
And then uncovered the stealth
So now I am fighting the drift
Under the Son there is health
The breath of God was the Kick
That woke me up from the drift

This was the kick
That woke me from up the drift
This was the Kick
Now I know why I exist
This was the Kick
That woke me from up the drift
This was the Kick
Now I know why I exist