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Lyrics Christian John Schlitt - The Grafting

She’s too young to be a mother
But sometimes life is cruel and makes a life decide another
Scared but sees beyond the moment
She gives her boy away and prays someday he’ll know her
Love goes on and on
When he finds that life comes in the grafting

They built their hope upon the future
Married young, they bought a house, a car, a crib to suit her
But years would pass without a baby
Until a miracle, a desperate girl reached out
And love went on and on
And they found that life came in the grafting

This life is a golden opportunity
To give and to love through all uncertainty
Just like the Father reaches down to us
And through His Son He grafts us to Himself
This is love

The parents did their best to raise him
They trusted God to build the roots the boy so greatly needed
But time had come for him to face her
The things he longed to say and dreamed for years could wait no longer

He slowly walked up to her door and rang the bell
The door came open wide
She stood there and cried

He said “mother, don’t be cryin’
I know you’ve wondered now if you were wrong for never trying
For everything you did, I thank you
I have the life you always dreamed for me because
Your love went on and on
I found my life was in the grafting.”

In the grafting
Love comes in the grafting
Love comes in the grafting