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Lyrics Christian Armond Wakeup - The Worth

You are enough
In every moment, every omen
Every hour, every trauma
I will honor You
You are enough
Every minute, every time
It will define You as God
Lord You are enough

When I don't believe or perceive
I worship at the scene of achievement
You are my trust
All that I need, all I lean on
I cling to You and leave all
You are enough

All of my deaths, all of my breaths
All of my questions
They don't make You less than
You are my answer
My ambulance...I am adamant

You are my matter of fact
You are enough
You are sufficient
You are infinite
In You it is finished

I can forget it
You are the love
That removes all my stuff
And redefines all my wants
You are enough
In You I'm immersed

You take me at my worst
Redefine what I'm worth
Make diamonds out of dirt
You are the morning song
You are more than all
I am so in awe
You are enough

All of the Earth will worship You
Won't matter all the work we do
We will all see the worth in You