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Lyrics Christian Rend Collective - Coming Out Fighting

It’s not over till it’s over
I got resurrection power
When the odds are stacked against me
I’m still living in the victory
Not livin in the chains of my yesterdays
Cos you break me out of my cage
I am I am coming out fighting
I am I am like mercury rising
I got supernatural power inside me
So don’t you count me out
I’m coming out fighting
There’s some spirit in these dry bones
There’s some Holy Ghost in my soul
Every scar has taught me something 
Gotta get up when I’m losing
Not stuck here in the pain of my past mistakes 
Cos you break me out of my cage
I’ve been broken 
Yeah I’ve been beaten
But there’s some fight in me left
I will rise again
Find my feet again
You’re not done with me yet